Ways to Celebrate the National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC

Take a deep breath, it’s officially spring… and a perfect time to visit the capital of the United States! During this time, natives and visitors alike gather to enjoy the famous Yoshino cherry trees that appear around the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC. Those 3,000 beautiful, soft pink and white blossoms were a gift from Japan in […]

Coming to America: Pope Francis Arrives For His Visit to the United States

Many words have been spent on describing Pope Francis’ admiration for simplicity and low-key style, an approach that has triggered radical changes, making “modesty over show” his principle to live by. However, nothing is simple about a six day papal visit to the United States. This kind of event calls for extraordinary security measures and organization […]

The Custom Edition: ZOPHIA

High waisted skirts and pants are taking fall fashion by storm. For once, Washington DC is already ahead of this trend, thanks to luxury skirt designer, ZOPHIA. They specialize in made-to-fit pencil skirts, exclusively called CEO Skirts. This CEO skirt concept was created by the founder, Betsy Garcete, to empower and promote self confidence in women. Each skirt is […]

Staycation near Washington DC and Discover Countryside Charm

One of the most wonderful things about DC is its close proximity to both the water and the countryside. When looking for a local staycation to escape the fast pace of the city, you don’t need to travel far to experience pretty countryside scenery. Here is our guide to exploring Virginia on a DC area Staycation. […]