Say Goodbye to Bloating This Summer

Summer is well on its way, and many women are worried about the same problem: bloating. Essentially, bloating is caused by problems with circulation. Water retention between muscle and fat leads to poor blood flow, which causes the uncomfortable, full feeling we’ve all experienced before. To say goodbye to bloating, all it takes is a […]

cure della pelle dopo il sole, creme naturali

Natural Remedies to Heal Your Skin After the Sun

A tan is a summer must-have, but equally as important is taking care of your skin during a summer full of sun exposure. Protecting your skin before and after your time in the sun is important to keep skin looking healthy and beautiful. Which parts of our body need the most attention? What kind of skin […]

Working Girl Cool

We are in the midst of summer and the temperature keeps rising and rising! While the heat brings fun things like the beach and suntans, it also brings a challenge to our professional wardrobes. Dressing for the workplace can be a challenge in these summer months, as a lot of professional attire is hot and […]

Sunset Over Washington D.C.

Watching the sunset is one of our favorite summer pastimes, especially when it involves a fun, new activity. When in Washington D.C., you must take advantage of the many places to take in the gorgeous sunset over the monumental city. Here is a list of the best places to watch the sun go down in the Washington D.C. Metro […]

Kylie Jenner’s Summer Closet

The youngest sibling of team Kardashian (aka Jenner) has grown into a style icon overnight! We take inspiration from her closet to find all the Instagram-worthy “it girl” summer must-haves. Until recently, Kylie Jenner was treated by the media like the poor little step sister of the camera-ready clan. Big sis Kim is infamously married […]

Lazy Girl Chic: Palazzo Pants

Summer usually calls for attempting to pair as many different tops with that one uncomfortable pair of high-wasted jean shorts that keep riding up all night. Every girl knows how there is actually nothing worse in the world than sitting down in a chair while the circulation on your entire stomach is cut off and […]

Italian Beaches: Eco-friendly Paradise on hand

Summer is around the corner and it is time to book your vacations. If crystalline seas and the sandy beaches are  what you are looking for, Italy offers heavenly places.  There is a wide range of choices, Italy is full of beautiful places, but the “Guida Blu” offers the possibility to find environmentally friendly areas […]