Icone Couture: Elegance and Style From a New Italian Brand

The refinement of the Italian style has no exceptions. Year after year, the fashion born under the Made in Italy name delights us with its sophisticated and forward-thinking designs, always setting new trends for the year ahead by producing classic, well-made, stylish garments. An up and coming brand that lives up to this reputation is Icone […]

The Career Woman’s Guide to Trendy Office Blazers

There was a time for us women that it was necessary to wear a suit to the office… if we wanted to be taken seriously, that is. Now the office can be more than just a place for stressful business meetings, it can be an opportunity to network and build your social life. You want […]

Vintage New York

If there is something that won’t ever go out of fashion, it’s fashion! The fashion of the past always makes a reappearance at some point, taking up space in the windows of the trendiest clothing stores with its colorful and extravagant styles, and piquing the interest of millions of girls and young women. Vintage clothes have […]

Image by https://www.flickr.com/photos/zoonabar/519460160/in/photolist-eYiVfH-4eqSws-pS8kcb-7qEaDz-d9zTFU-t71BA-MUnpE-7zxsbA-jCPhsb-6NwmYk-8iG8Gk-62L3nQ-7o9niR-uEjXE-8fsVnU-8fsVdj-eEEd6R-9XuCY-7PN-7piewz-7piewM-jSTEv-9t58WD-apDsnF-eJqEd-4eMkvm-4eHnFe-aij8Sb-gSPsXi-5Wtouc-PZkh3-4sPhQN-5b62UR-9i4nnS-9on51y-5VXBPt-9Ym2-9mabT4-7cGbWb-jCMgDP-7vhc8S-4sqsQ2-65gSAj-4PUNJx-988Tia-65Dw3w-65zcCX-4H5qJz-dh1o53-4suvBL

If the Glove Fits: This Season’s Must-Have Accessory

Photo Credit: Fashionisers Once upon a time, not too, too long ago, a lady wouldn’t dare leave the house without proper gloves. Nor would she get behind the wheel without donning her pair of driving gloves. Gloves were an every day must, like a hat or perfectly coiffed hair. Picture the iconic images of Grace […]

All Hail OP

Just like the saying, “fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it“, anyone can buy something fashionable, but the way you present yourself is the true test of a style warrior. A style warrior in our eyes is someone who can break fashion barriers and rules all while inspiring others to do the same through […]

5 New Trends We Would Like to See at Milan Fashion Week

After four big Fashion Weeks in New York, Milan, London and Paris, what remains are not only the highlights of the collections, but the discussions and debates surrounding what was seen on the runway. Here, we offer some ideas for what we would like to see at  the upcoming fashion week in Milan. A Sense […]

Taking Your White Lace Kimono From Day to Night

   The white lace kimono is on trend this season for summer style. The kimono is elegant yet mod, and can be worn a number of ways. Our favorite is the White Forget Me Not Kimono from For Love & Lemons. Here, we’ll discuss how to transition a white lace kimono from day to night with […]