Button-Up Skirts: Bringing Back the ’70s

Trends come and go, but they always find their way back again. Recently, the style of the ‘70s has taken over the closets of every fashion victim, particularly the button-up skirt.   Photo Credit: Masscob   It all began several seasons ago when Chloé introduced the trend, followed by Alexa Chung’s clothing line. Gradually, button-up […]

Spring Has Sprung and it’s Time For Tulle

Bring out your inner ballerina with the perfect tulle skirt! Although this item is often thought to be a strong statement piece, a tulle skirt can also be one of the most versatile pieces in a woman’s closet. The wide shape, tapered at the waist and flared below the knee, is flattering for all body types and […]

Perfect Gifts For The Ladies in Your Life On Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a long-standing tradition in celebration of women that takes place all around the world. There are different theories regarding the origins of this holiday. Some say it was set aside to pay respect to the hundreds of women workers lost in a terrible factory fire in New York during 1911, while […]