A Springtime Skincare Regimen For Fresh Skin

Spring: The season for rebirth and discovery. Flowers begin to bloom under the first warm rays of the sun, and our skin experiences a renewal, as well. During the winter we put extra care into protecting our skin from the cold, nourishing and moisturizing it daily. Now, all of our hard work pays off as […]

The Best Lip Remedies to Protect Against Winter Dryness

Now is the time of the year when you want to spend the whole day at home, under the covers with your favorite heating pad, drinking a hot chocolate. Unfortunately, January is the month of cold, snow and frost. And your body doesn’t seem to like it, especially your lips. You wake up each morning […]

Body Works: Stay Soft and Smooth this Winter

After months and months of recommendations for keeping your facial skincare up to snuff for the cold weather, it’s easy to forget the rest of your skin in the process. With two simple steps you can spare yourself the pain of flaky legs and rough elbows. The first step to smoothing things over is a […]

True Love: When Skincare Met Makeup

Whoever came up with the idea that makeup could coexist in the same tube as high quality skincare ingredients should probably get a medal. As beauty technology improves, we have more options available for products that do double duty. The best and most welcome results will come from great hybrid base products that live on your […]

Masking 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Beautiful, Glowing Skin

Nothing gives instant skincare gratification like a good mask. Whether you suffer from dullness, dehydration or congestion (or all of the above), there is a mask out there for you. If you’re having a night in, you can even try using a few different kinds of masks to create an at home facial effect. If […]

Updating Your Skincare Regimen for the Cold Weather

If you are (un)fortunate enough to live in a place where the weather gets cold for a few months every year your skin care, just like your wardrobe, has to adapt. With just a few simple products you can up your hydration levels and add soothing ingredients to your routine that will help guard against […]

A Primer on Cold Weather Skin

Whether you’re a minimalist who has her skin routine down to a science, or a product zealot always on the lookout for fun, new things to try, we can all agree: Cold weather requires a slightly different regimen for your face. Dry heater air, chilly weather and wind irritate the skin and take their toll […]

The Island of Eternal Youth: Ischia, a Corner of Heaven

Ischia is one of the most gorgeous Italian islands, with amazing and unforgettable landscapes that are the picture-perfect way to spend a vacation. Hidden inside the island is a special treasure… a volcanic crater. Photo Credit: Ischia/Campania  Indeed, “L’isola Verde” (or “The Green Island,” a nickname for Ischia) is actually the tip of a volcano. Ever […]