Get Your Favorite Snacks Ready for Superbowl 2016!

Once playoff season kicks off, the countdown to the Super Bowl begins. Time to pick your team, RSVP to your party of choice, and decide what snacks you are going to bring to the table. Maybe you are a football fan, maybe you aren’t, but everyone loves a party with some killer chips and dip. […]

What to Wear and Where: The New Year’s Eve Edition

New Year’s Eve is this Thursday and the constant question is, “What will you do?” More importantly, I like to ask, “What will you be wearing?” This night is known for too much hype and lots of let down, but it doesn’t have to be so hard.  The first thing you need to know is where […]

Lazy Girl Chic: Palazzo Pants

Summer usually calls for attempting to pair as many different tops with that one uncomfortable pair of high-wasted jean shorts that keep riding up all night. Every girl knows how there is actually nothing worse in the world than sitting down in a chair while the circulation on your entire stomach is cut off and […]