Chokers a la Gigi Hadid

As any millennial girl will remember, chokers were in for accessories during the teenage years, thanks to the movie Clueless and the Delia’s catalog. Historically, choker necklaces first appeared in France in 1798 as ornate jewelry worn by wealthy ladies, then was worn by classical ballerinas in 1874, and then by queens in the early 1880s. While […]

Caramanna Jewelry: Mediterranean Inspiration, Neapolitan Beauty

Stefania Caramanna, the voice behind Caramanna Jewelry, knows a thing or two about creating jewelry that’s more than just pearls and stones attached to metal. A background in architecture and design, as well as a family history of jewelry making, lends to Stefania’s creative genius. Subjects that create intrigue take decorative form around gold, silver […]

Light up with Julie Vos Jewelry

Julie Vos is an NYC-based jewelry designer, celebrating 10 years of business this year. In its tenure, the brand has been featured in multiple respected National museums, on Good Morning America, and various editorial pages including Real Simple, The Daily, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and InStyle. Julie Vos also retails in more than 500 boutiques across […]