Save My Bag: Chic Protection For Chic Accessories

Some of the best accessories are designed to protect our more fragile accessories. A trip down memory lane would lead us to a time when high-quality objects would be protected by equally grand but practical cases. Today, most people depend on unique, fashionable ways to safeguard their belongings. Strangely, at times you’ll see expensive, fragile […]

Chic Sunglasses Of Mazuum Eyewear

Collecting sunglasses is a guilty pleasure many of us share. This accessory has become an essential for any occasion; there’s the fashionable and sporty pairs, the unmistakably classic ones and the standout mirrored shades. Sunglasses are perfect on the road or in the city, used to seduce or surprise or to keep the mystery alive. […]

What to Pack For Your Weekend At Coachella

Coachella is one of the most ambitious and highly publicized music festivals in the world, touted as a meeting place for influential and innovative personalities. Each year sees the attendance of social media influencers, models, lifestyle bloggers, celebrities and more. In short, nobody wants to miss the party that will take place in Indio, California […]

La Fille des Fleurs: Trendy Statement Pieces in Bright Colors

Neoprene and bright colors: the two elements that sum up the aesthetic of the Italian brand La Fille des Fleurs.   Since 2011, La Fille des Fleurs has been producing trendsetting clothing, shoes, bags and accessories with passion and creativity. One of the company’s hallmarks has been incorporating neoprene, a flexible mix of synthetic rubber, into the collection. […]

Gianlisa: Half Parisian Elegance, Half Italian Craftsmanship

Gianlisa is an Italian brand that was born among the hills of Tuscany, with the ancient tradition of craftsmanship in mind. Elisa Brasca, the founder, is half Parisian and half Italian. She studied in Paris for half of her life, taking training and inspiration from the chic Parisian style, eventually working with such brands as Dior […]

Incomparabile: Timeless Elegance

When your outfit feels close to complete, it’s nearly impossible to leave without adorning yourself with at least a hint of jewelry. Jewelry can inform your approach to the day. A ring with subtle diamond designs around the band makes a lovely touch, while a necklace with family history can make your entire day all […]

Shoes Fit For a Princess by Pamela Quinzi

A well-designed shoe should have the power to make a woman feel like a princess. Think about it, all of the best fairy tales star a woman in magic shoes. Picture Dorothy’s ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz, or the glass slipper left behind by Cinderella that led the prince to find her.   Photo […]

Calabritto28 Watches: Time to Switch Up Your Style

When it comes arm candy, only time can tell the current trends. Calabritto28, an Italian watch brand that offers options to mix up your time-telling style, believes in eclectic looks and vibrant personalities. Watch faces and straps are sold separately, providing fashion freedom for all. The vision of this up-and-coming brand is that our style […]

Lacy Jewels by Nainco Nature in Copper

What do you think of when you picture lace? Perhaps a cocktail or wedding dress comes to mind, or maybe a kind of fabric to be found in your home, such as curtains. But, have you ever imagined that you can wear lace as jewelry? The Italian brand Nainco, has the right formula to make beautiful jewelry from […]

Caiazzo: Tailoring Beyond the Trends

Let’s face it: The clothes we wear say a lot about who we are. They can show where we’ve been, what we’re drawn to, who we aspire to be. What about the clothing itself? Every piece should tell a story; at Caiazzo, every piece does. An Italian menswear brand that offers customized suits, Caiazzo upholds the […]