New York’s Best Jewelry Designers Meet to Showcase in Soho

On Friday, March 11th, the best jewelry designers that NYC has to offer came together in a pop-up shop to showcase their latest collections, and offer to the public the opportunity to learn about what’s trending in the world of jewelry and accessories. The event, organized by the designers themselves, took place in a cozy […]

A Springtime Skincare Regimen For Fresh Skin

Spring: The season for rebirth and discovery. Flowers begin to bloom under the first warm rays of the sun, and our skin experiences a renewal, as well. During the winter we put extra care into protecting our skin from the cold, nourishing and moisturizing it daily. Now, all of our hard work pays off as […]

The Suite Life in Las Vegas

There is no place that does opulence and luxury quite like Las Vegas, Nevada. Known for its buzzing neon lights, Elvis impersonators, gambling, nightlife and world-class DJs, this town is the epitome of high-roller status. From world-class restaurants to multi-thousand dollar suites, Las Vegas is ahead of the game in luxury and over-the-top experiences. As […]

The Custom Edition: ZOPHIA

High waisted skirts and pants are taking fall fashion by storm. For once, Washington DC is already ahead of this trend, thanks to luxury skirt designer, ZOPHIA. They specialize in made-to-fit pencil skirts, exclusively called CEO Skirts. This CEO skirt concept was created by the founder, Betsy Garcete, to empower and promote self confidence in women. Each skirt is […]

Working Girl Cool

We are in the midst of summer and the temperature keeps rising and rising! While the heat brings fun things like the beach and suntans, it also brings a challenge to our professional wardrobes. Dressing for the workplace can be a challenge in these summer months, as a lot of professional attire is hot and […]

Sunset Over Washington D.C.

Watching the sunset is one of our favorite summer pastimes, especially when it involves a fun, new activity. When in Washington D.C., you must take advantage of the many places to take in the gorgeous sunset over the monumental city. Here is a list of the best places to watch the sun go down in the Washington D.C. Metro […]

A Player for each Game

  We all heard stories about the hot Quarterback, or the soccer player, but what about other sports? What a guy plays could tell you more than you think. The golf player Old school, if he was a drink, he would be whisky, neat. The golf player is patient and confident, known for his cold […]