That’s Amore With Madeleine: From Virtual to Reality

Smartphones, technology and apps have taken over our era. From friends of friends through Facebook to strangers on Tinder, more couples are meeting one another in the virtual world. They begin with an exchange of dozens of texts, emails and the occasional phone call, but sooner or later, if there’s any chance of the relationship […]

What to Wear and Where: The Valentine’s Day Edition

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and love (or lack thereof) is on the minds of many. This day can be a touchy subject in more ways than one; however, I’d like to focus on the fabulosity factor. Pink, red, hearts, candy, lingerie and flowers— this is a day to rejoice! Whether you’re spending time with […]

Fashion for the Ultimate Date Night

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. With the most romantic night of the year in sight, one can’t help but to stop and reflect on their current love life. Are you slowing down enough to take care of yourself and nurture your relationships? We’re talking both true companionship and giving the dating scene a chance. Whether you’re […]

Dating Apps: Putting our Hearts In the Hands of Virtual Matchmakers

It’s 2015 and we look at our phones more than each other. As people say, “there’s an app for everything”, so it’s only logical that we could find our next boyfriend, casual hook up, or new person to friend zone inside our iPhones. Dating sites aren’t new. From to OK Cupid, these sites have […]

Love on the beach by Free wallpaper full hd

Summer Love: Just Do It!

Love is in the air. It’s in the long summer nights dancing on rooftop lounges. It’s in the flowers in the city parks. It’s on the beaches where girls frolic in bikinis. It’s especially present in summer holidays, where sexy glances and innuendo over cocktails quickly lead to a tasty fling. Why is it so […]

Relationship Status Updates for Summer 2015

When summer colors are the most vivid, the strongest feelings are likely to emerge. It can be difficult to distinguish true love from the fling that begins at the beach. It’s even more difficult to decide whether your relationship, which began in the winter, is strong enough to give up the holiday in Ibiza with […]