Gianlisa: Half Parisian Elegance, Half Italian Craftsmanship

Gianlisa is an Italian brand that was born among the hills of Tuscany, with the ancient tradition of craftsmanship in mind. Elisa Brasca, the founder, is half Parisian and half Italian. She studied in Paris for half of her life, taking training and inspiration from the chic Parisian style, eventually working with such brands as Dior […]

Understanding and Perfecting Hipster Fashion

In recent years there has been much talk of the Hipster phenomenon. This trendy and alternative lifestyle that dates as far back as the 1940s has seen over the last decade a real spread globally, with an emphasis on fashion in certain communities. Nonconformity and anti-consumerism are the origins of this movement, an image which is […]

Blazing Power: Variations on the Tailored Look

Over the years, blazers have become an integral part of women’s wardrobes. They are now considered style staples that everyone must own, due to their timeless and chic appeal. Blazers exude confidence, power, and elegance for the women wearing them, which is why they are at the top of our must-have list for 2016. We […]

Nautical Style for the Fall

Nautical style or sailor chic is one of those classic trends that is always in style and is versatile for all ages and either gender. The blueprint for this style is perfectly simplistic, mixing a combination of (usually) navy and white pieces with pops of color, certain patterns such as stripes or anchors, with loose and airy […]

Small Leather Goods to Add to Your Wishlist

When it comes to leather, a new bag or a new jacket just isn’t always in the cards (or the budget). Thankfully, some of the best American-made leather brands have made life easier by offering a mile long list of small items ready to fill the void. These three stellar brands have so much good stuff […]

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If the Glove Fits: This Season’s Must-Have Accessory

Photo Credit: Fashionisers Once upon a time, not too, too long ago, a lady wouldn’t dare leave the house without proper gloves. Nor would she get behind the wheel without donning her pair of driving gloves. Gloves were an every day must, like a hat or perfectly coiffed hair. Picture the iconic images of Grace […]

Fashion vs Function: Outerwear

When you wear an article of clothing as much as you wear a winter coat, it is perfectly reasonable to want it to be fashionable. The only problem is, fashionable doesn’t always mean warm. There is an art to striking the balance between a coat that looks good, but also keeps you cozy in the […]