Chokers a la Gigi Hadid

As any millennial girl will remember, chokers were in for accessories during the teenage years, thanks to the movie Clueless and the Delia’s catalog. Historically, choker necklaces first appeared in France in 1798 as ornate jewelry worn by wealthy ladies, then was worn by classical ballerinas in 1874, and then by queens in the early 1880s. While […]

Miki Gold Jewelry: Handcrafted Masterpieces Made in Italy

Miki Gold sounds like the name of some fabulous pop or rap star but, really, the cool moniker stands for luxurious jewelry, handcrafted in Naples, Italy, using the ancient Tuboga technique.     Each Miki Gold piece is a small masterpiece, a work of art that starts as a sketch from the hands of talented […]

Lacy Jewels by Nainco Nature in Copper

What do you think of when you picture lace? Perhaps a cocktail or wedding dress comes to mind, or maybe a kind of fabric to be found in your home, such as curtains. But, have you ever imagined that you can wear lace as jewelry? The Italian brand Nainco, has the right formula to make beautiful jewelry from […]

Light up with Julie Vos Jewelry

Julie Vos is an NYC-based jewelry designer, celebrating 10 years of business this year. In its tenure, the brand has been featured in multiple respected National museums, on Good Morning America, and various editorial pages including Real Simple, The Daily, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and InStyle. Julie Vos also retails in more than 500 boutiques across […]

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Big Brooches, Big Everything: Make a Splash with Bold Jewelry!

After seasons of delicate gold jewelry and sweet little stacked rings, we’re ready to go bombastic and bold. And happily, big brooches are having a huge moment this fall as evidenced on international runways. They look great with the season’s delicate blouses, turtlenecks and capes. But big and beautiful isn’t just limited to this singular vintage […]

Into the Wild: Soulful and Sexy Jewelry for Free Spirits

If you’re a free spirit, a wild child who dances to her own beat, your baubles must match your big personality. Yes, there are times for “less is more,” as mandated by Coco Chanel. But there are also times to go over the top with fabulously wild statement pieces. Giant, ethnic arm cuffs. Big, bold […]

The Best Statement Jewelry Handmade in the USA

One of the best ways to amp up a look or finish off an outfit is with with the perfect accessory.  It can take your look from demure to edgy, or vice versa, with the simple addition of a necklace or earrings. Whether you’re looking for something understated, like a nice dainty evil eye midi […]

A Fantasy to Wear: Botteguccia, the Italian Brand

Imagine you are alone in a dimly lit room. You slowly approach a table where you see before you, glowing in the dim light, an array of exquisite gems and stones, laid out like a tapestry. This is the vision of Botteguccia Accessories. This Italian brand gives you a fantasy to wear. Women today need to […]