1st May: Way to celebrate labor day in Milan

Every year on the first of May, several countries around the world celebrate Labor Day to remember the commitment and achievements of workers in the economic and social fields. This day is synonymous with the remembrance of workers’ struggles to receive labor rights.  Photo Credit: Labissa   The very first Labor Day dates back to […]

Easter in Italy vs the U.S.: Symbols, Traditions and Food

Every country has their own unique ways of celebrating international holidays, with their individual symbols and traditions. Even countries that share holidays seem to vary in festivities throughout the world. Easter, arguably the most famous Catholic holiday, is celebrated as a joyous occasion in many countries. In the States, we associate this holiday as a […]

Holi: The Festival of Colors

As the world becomes more intertwined, we have the tremendous opportunity to take part in celebrations that aren’t originally our own. Europeans didn’t traditionally celebrate Halloween; now they dress up as ghosts and witches every October 31st. The Chinese New Year Festival is hosted by many countries around the world. Mexicans and Mallorcans do yoga […]

Three Irish Bars for A Low Key St. Patty’s Day Cocktail

St. Patrick’s Day in New York City is, at best, amateur hour for the collegiate masses of Manhattan. At worst, it’s a nightmare of drunk crowds taking over the streets and blocking your commute, making you question why you left your apartment. However, fear not; it is possible to find lovely and low key spots […]

Not-So-Romantic Valentine’s Day Disasters

For some, February 14th will be filled with champagne and roses signed with “I love you”, while others will spend the night snuggled up to their very own personal box of chocolates and a Kate Hudson film. Due to the influx of pink and specials on chocolate in your local CVS, it’s easy to chalk Valentine’s […]

Most Chic Getaways for the Winter Holidays

If the cold weather and snow will induce deep sleep and bad mood, these 14 dream destinations in the United States and Europe will awaken the fashionista in you between the luxury accommodations, celebrity sightings, and perfect views.   Starting with Europe, let’s take a look at some of the most attractive destinations:   ITALY […]

Sparkle and Shine: The Holiday Manicure 101

If the Holidays do anything for beauty, it legitimizes sparkle and shimmer in a way that no other occasion can. Not that you need a reason if sparkle is your jam. For those of us who tend to reach for creme colors or understated shimmers most of the year, now is the time to expand […]

Ferragosto, the Italian Mid-August holiday

Ready for the countdown? Five days left before the mid-August holiday… it’s time to celebrate! August 15th is a crazy day in Italy. This holiday, called “Ferragosto”, comes from the Romans, when the Emperor Augustus made the decision to celebrate the end of the harvest and the beginning of a period of rest for the […]