Your Guide to the Venice Carnival 2016

The tradition of Carnival in Venice has ancient origins dating back to the 1290s. In the past, this giant public party allowed everyone to don masks and costumes, ensuring anonymity and allowing for a sort of leveling of social divisions. This year, the Carnival takes place from January 23th until February 9, featuring a calendar full of […]

Sweet, Simple and Sexy Costumes Just in Time for Halloween

In today’s culture, terminal uniqueness is often the human condition and Halloween could be considered the ultimate competition for creative superiority. With Halloween right around the corner you may be asking yourself, “What should I be?”  or, “Is it even worth it to dress up?“. Lets be honest, it takes a lot of energy to […]

Halloween in Italy vs. America

Fall is in full swing: the air is getting crisper, days become shorter, nights become longer, and we are getting ready for hibernation by putting on our fuzzy socks and downloading all of our favorite Halloween themed movies. Well, we in the US, that is. Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in America meriting […]