International Scene Seekers: Tapas and Drinks

From hole-in-the-wall hideaways to blowing up on BuzzFeed, StyleBlend Mag is searching far and wide to bring you the best locations in NYC and Milan. Each week, U.S. Editor Alana and Italian contributor Chiara will scout out the most enticing eats and places to play in their respective cities. This adventure is intended not only […]

The Three Best Brunch Cocktails in Three Boroughs

Brunch culture is alive and well in New York City. This is due, in large part, to the fact that it condones the public consumption of alcohol before noon on Sundays (not that most of us need an excuse). The big question isn’t should we go to brunch, but where? New York, as a city, […]

Whiskey Cocktails for Beginners

Whiskey is one of those spirits that has a real love/hate reputation. For some, there is no better cocktail than a simple glass of bourbon on the rocks or a neat little scotch on hand while they wind down after work. For others it’s the party-ender. That “one drink too many” that can turn a great […]