Gianlisa: Half Parisian Elegance, Half Italian Craftsmanship

Gianlisa is an Italian brand that was born among the hills of Tuscany, with the ancient tradition of craftsmanship in mind. Elisa Brasca, the founder, is half Parisian and half Italian. She studied in Paris for half of her life, taking training and inspiration from the chic Parisian style, eventually working with such brands as Dior […]

Icone Couture: Elegance and Style From a New Italian Brand

The refinement of the Italian style has no exceptions. Year after year, the fashion born under the Made in Italy name delights us with its sophisticated and forward-thinking designs, always setting new trends for the year ahead by producing classic, well-made, stylish garments. An up and coming brand that lives up to this reputation is Icone […]

Vintage New York

If there is something that won’t ever go out of fashion, it’s fashion! The fashion of the past always makes a reappearance at some point, taking up space in the windows of the trendiest clothing stores with its colorful and extravagant styles, and piquing the interest of millions of girls and young women. Vintage clothes have […]

What to Wear and Where: The Christmas Shopping Edition

With the holiday season in full swing, there are many things to do and people to see. Christmas is right around the corner, and one event that should not be overlooked is a day of gift shopping. Regardless of where you are, a day of Christmas shopping is a full on event. Running into people you […]

Boho Chic and Hippie Glam, 70’s Style

Vintage charm is in for summer 2015. This summer there will be a powerful comeback in vogue with the mythical 70s, revisited and updated in a modern way. Anticipated by fashion shows and present in the collections of most major brands, it is a trend that will continue into the autumn and winter 2015/2016. The […]