Beauty Trends to Look Forward to in 2016

With the beginning of any new year comes a long list of TV shows, magazine articles and yes – blog posts, anticipating all of the things we have to look forward to in the impending 365 days. Not the least of which is the best of beauty to come in the new year. 2015 was […]

Threading: The Must-Try Trend for Perfect Eyebrows

Are you as obsessed with eyebrows as we are? In an effort to achieve perfection (symmetry, fullness, shape), we have tweezed them to death, filled them in with a gazillion products, gelled them into place, waxed them, dyed them and, of course – ever on-trend – had them threaded.   Photo Credit: The Threading Spa […]

Brand Spotlight: Peach and Lily Brings Korean Skincare Stateside

Nothing has been a bigger skincare trend in 2015 than products with a heavy Korean influence. The onslaught of Korean beauty really began about five years ago when BB Creams took the beauty world by storm and started everyone asking, “What makes Korean skincare so great?” Peach and Lily is the brain child of Harvard […]