Favorite Headphones to Rock This Fall

If music provides the soundtrack to our lives, why not personalize the sound system?  In recent years, headphones have started to blend the line between fashion and functionality. Not only is technology advancing, providing a clearer and better audio experience from your headphones than ever before, but the silhouettes are getting more dramatic, the colors […]

Best Travel Apps for Your Summer Adventure

Planning a getaway this summer? Check out our favorite travel apps to download and bring with you. Let the miracle of modern technology take the stress out of making arrangements and finding the best deals. There are thousands of options out there to help you book flights, get organized, and plan your trip so you […]

JUNE the fashion gadget that will save your skin

Imagine a road trip. The wind blows through your hair and the sun kisses your skin, you’re traveling in your cabriolet while you smell the Sorrento Peninsula approaching with its beautiful yellow lemon trees and and the calming blue of the sea. All of the makings of a truly beautiful trip, but just because you’re […]