Best Online Travel Resources For Your Next Vacay

If you’re anything like this author, you think of getting away at least twice per day. Paris, Vegas, Rome, Milan, Los Angeles or New York, the imagination has no bounds when it comes to travel. With the available technology, there doesn’t have to be limits to your vacay aspirations.  Here are 6 online travel resources to […]

Apple Launches New Smart Battery iPhone Case

Disaster strikes on your way to work. You’re running late, the train is delayed, there is a storm out there and you’re wearing ballerina flats. And then the worst happens, your iPhone dies! This has happened to all of us before. You’re trying to call someone for a ride and stop being a human puddle, and instead […]

Now Apple Watch Can Control Your GoPro

The iPhone and iPad have both had their moments, and now it’s the Apple watch’s time to shine. Thanks to the gadget’s latest technology, you can now monitor recording and manage the settings of your GoPro camera right on your Apple Smartwatch. The most famous action cam in the world has just released a new update for its […]

EDX: When College is on the Web

There was a time when college was comprised of classrooms, teachers, other students and open debates. Of course, most people’s experiences with college are probably still like that, having to show up to take exams, attend classes and watch lectures. However, in a world that wants to network and stay connected, this aspect of the […]

Ringly: Jewelry Meets Technology

Have you ever walked into your favorite restaurant and noticed every patron, whether alone or with loved ones, on their phone? It doesn’t end at restaurants, any place or outing meant to be enjoyed with others is simultaneously a social networking event as well. Well, what happens when jewelry meets technology? The answer is Ringly!  Ringly […]

Dating Apps: Putting our Hearts In the Hands of Virtual Matchmakers

It’s 2015 and we look at our phones more than each other. As people say, “there’s an app for everything”, so it’s only logical that we could find our next boyfriend, casual hook up, or new person to friend zone inside our iPhones. Dating sites aren’t new. From to OK Cupid, these sites have […]

Sensoria, Your Virtual Coach

An innovative idea, dreamed up in Italy and born in the United States, has given to the people a new and revolutionary wearable technology that can change the sport of running. New technology from Sensoria Fitness can not only help to make long distance running more interesting, it can help to yield better results. Photo Credit: Sensoria Fitness […]