Fall First Date Ideas to Try This Season

Fall. Just the word rushes a million adjectives to one’s head: Crisp, fresh, colorful, and so many more. The air becomes cooler, nature changes, and the bugs go away, providing a perfect, picturesque and charming setting to try something new for a first date. Below are some refreshing and fun ideas for an outing this […]

Love on the beach by Free wallpaper full hd

Summer Love: Just Do It!

Love is in the air. It’s in the long summer nights dancing on rooftop lounges. It’s in the flowers in the city parks. It’s on the beaches where girls frolic in bikinis. It’s especially present in summer holidays, where sexy glances and innuendo over cocktails quickly lead to a tasty fling. Why is it so […]

An Italian Legend arrives in New York: Pirlo to win Major League

“Thank you master.” These are the words with which, after four consecutive years of success, “La Grande Signora”(meaning “The Old Lady,” the Italian nickname for the Juventus team) greeted one of the greatest champions of Italian football- Andrea Pirlo. The star player leaves behind his beloved Juventus FC to start a new life in the Big Apple in New […]

Relationship Status Updates for Summer 2015

When summer colors are the most vivid, the strongest feelings are likely to emerge. It can be difficult to distinguish true love from the fling that begins at the beach. It’s even more difficult to decide whether your relationship, which began in the winter, is strong enough to give up the holiday in Ibiza with […]

How six-packs have led to “the dad bod”

Well ladies, it is almost that time of the year. We all know that on July 1 every single girl will be running to the movie theaters with an extra big bag of popcorn, wearing no mascara to see “Magic Mike XXL” and cry over how we will never find that nice guy with the […]

A Player for each Game

  We all heard stories about the hot Quarterback, or the soccer player, but what about other sports? What a guy plays could tell you more than you think. The golf player Old school, if he was a drink, he would be whisky, neat. The golf player is patient and confident, known for his cold […]

Mom’s Little Boy Is Your Perfect Man

When we think of a “Mamas Boy” we tend to think of all the negative things that come along with competing with Mama. However  a study done by Arizona State University’s psychology department, found that “Mamas Boys” were more in-tune with their emotions. Not meaning that they are weak or constantly need to be mothered, […]