What to Wear and Where: The First Date Edition

When someone asks you out for a date, three questions immediately come to mind: What ever shall we do? Where are we going to go? What am I going to wear? This might feel overwhelming… but honestly it should be fun! You’re getting dressed up for a night out with a potential new interest…it’s all […]

What to Wear…and Where! The Thanksgiving Edition

With holiday season in full swing, there are no shortages of parties to get pretty for. This week, the main event is Thanksgiving. Regardless of the setting you give thanks in, dressing for success is just as important as the side dish you “slave” over. The Thanksgiving mood is generally light-hearted and joyful, so your […]

What to wear…and where!

It’s not every day that you go dancing with your girlfriends. When you do decide to gather the gals for a night in the club, you want to make sure all the details are just right, so the night itself is nothing but a delight. First, you’ll want to pick a place to party. A […]

Top 5 Bloggers of 2015 You Must Be Following

Move over magazines, the bloggers have officially taken over. The blogging world is nothing new to the fashion industry, for the past couple of years now companies and brands have been using personal and lifestyle bloggers for brand leverage. However, in recent years bloggers are even starting to become household names. As newer social media platforms […]

A Quick Breakdown of Who’s Who in the US Presidential Elections

The election for the next U.S. president is still about a year away, but the media coverage of the main candidates have invaded and taken over the news channels, with videos of their declarations, promises, and opinions on America and the issues of the world. Needless to say, this triggers heartfelt debates among people all over […]

Kanye West- Love him? Or Hate him?

In truth, Kanye West, love him or hate him, is someone who inevitably comes up in conversation these days. Whether you’ve heard his name today, this past week, or just floating around from time to time, his presence is unavoidable and arguably obnoxious. However, despite his personality, it is critical that we examine this man that […]

Top 6 Instagram Muses

People are hooked on Instagram for a variety of reasons, but for us it’s all about inspiration. We want to see beauty, yes, but also something clever that gets our mind going whether in art, photography, fashion or travel. We want to feel uplifted and motivated. One cool pic can make our whole day. Therefore, many of […]

Laura Mazurek of Roots and Feathers

Fall: Time to Nest

Life these days is very frenetic. We keep going and going, the party never ends, and the calendar is always overflowing. Life is a beautiful race to the next cool thing. It used to be that fall was a time to reflect, to slow down, to turn inward and to become more grounded. We think it’s […]