Miami Fitness Trends

Working out: Is it a passion or a sacrifice? I’m not quite sure, but this time of year finds us locking ourselves in the gym, running down all-too-familiar and not-yet-discovered paths and struggling daily with exercise balls, kettlebells and other equipment, all the while cursing in any language we see fit. Living in Miami has […]

Say Goodbye to Bloating This Summer

Summer is well on its way, and many women are worried about the same problem: bloating. Essentially, bloating is caused by problems with circulation. Water retention between muscle and fat leads to poor blood flow, which causes the uncomfortable, full feeling we’ve all experienced before. To say goodbye to bloating, all it takes is a […]

At Home Workouts To Get You Ready for Spring

Now that spring is approaching, it’s time to get to work on regaining the shape we might have lost during the winter. However, it’s still pretty cold out there, so in the event you can’t get motivated to go to a fitness class or gym, you can always get moving without leaving your house.  Working […]

How Herbal Infusions Can Improve Your Life

Many times we forget that the best remedies for our bodies are the ones that nature has to offer, able to relieve many small ailments that plague our daily lives. One of the most effective, fast and economical solutions is herbal teas. These infusions able to help and solve some psychological problems such as stress and […]

Favorite Wintertime Fitness Routine: Bikram Yoga

Antioxidizing, anti-stress, and healing in its practice, Bikram Yoga is a great activity for a healthy mind in a healthy body that is suitable for people of all ages.  Bikram Yoga is named after Bikram Choudhury, the yoga master of Calcutta who created it, and who is responsible for spreading this discipline throughout the world, especially popular in […]

Curious about bone broth? You should be.

Photo Credit: Aubonebrothbonebroth   Bone broth, my favorite daily treat. I originally pursued drinking broth to support an underactive thyroid and tired adrenal system, common among many young women.  Little did I know the added health benefits that would follow: My hair is suddenly longer and shinier than ever, my fingernails are growing, and I […]