Style Files: Modern Day Grunge

What once was considered a sloppily thrown together fad, is a trendy look to try this season. The torn and tattered tees and jeans are a thing of the past, and have been replaced by a more modern day grunge. With its structured leather, mannish shoes, tailored outerwear and dark denim, the new approach is […]

SPECtacular: When Glasses Make A Statement

At least 5 times a day I wonder, “Where are my glasses?” At times, they’re hidden in some odd spot that I swear I didn’t leave them, but they’re usually obliviously positioned right where they belong, on my face. My eyesight is not awful, but the day I found out I needed glasses I smiled from ear-to-ear. Sure, glasses […]

How To Tie a Tie

Dealing with a tie is not as simple as it might seem. One must know how to coordinate the color, choose the right width and length, and above all else: must know how to tie a tie! Believe it or not, not all men know how to knot a tie, and the ones who do rarely […]

Blazing Power: Variations on the Tailored Look

Over the years, blazers have become an integral part of women’s wardrobes. They are now considered style staples that everyone must own, due to their timeless and chic appeal. Blazers exude confidence, power, and elegance for the women wearing them, which is why they are at the top of our must-have list for 2016. We […]

Classic and Modern: The Camel Coat

A camel coat is a definite “must-have”, and not just for this winter season. This coat is ever-so-simple, linear and elegant at the same time. Some argue that this trend began with Max Mara in the 1980s, though now the most famous American and Made In Italy brands have filled in their collections with their own […]

The Excellence of Cashmere, from Asia to Italy

We all appreciate a good cashmere, especially during the winter, but do we know where our favorite fabric comes from? Cashmere is a fine wool taken from the Hircus blythi, a goat from Kashmir, the region of Central Asia that covers the northern part of the Indian subcontinent between the territories of India, Pakistan and China. […]

Borrowed From The Boys

Borrowed from the Boys

Women have the best of the best when in comes to styling choices. We have transformative jewelry, shoes and bags; pieces that can take a look from “blah” to “O-M-G.” Every imaginable cut of dress available. Skirts that can simultaneously differ and build on each other; a-line, maxi, midi, mini, full and pleated. Not to mention all […]

Weekend Getaway Bags

Whether you’re a fashionista or a world traveler, weekend trips take a different level of preparation than a lengthy getaway. For weekend trips, it’s all about the bag. You want to choose the perfect size, keeping in mind that the average rolling luggage is far too much. Below are a few of our favorite weekend […]

5 Ways to Try the Tights Trend

Some time ago, tights were not considered appropriate for formal wear. It didn’t matter the weather, the chic thing to do was “tough it out” regardless if you lived in London or L.A. Fashion progresses, as we all know, and this season you can find any kind of fashionable tights for every taste and style. […]