Shoes Fit For a Princess by Pamela Quinzi

A well-designed shoe should have the power to make a woman feel like a princess. Think about it, all of the best fairy tales star a woman in magic shoes. Picture Dorothy’s ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz, or the glass slipper left behind by Cinderella that led the prince to find her.   Photo […]

Calabritto28 Watches: Time to Switch Up Your Style

When it comes arm candy, only time can tell the current trends. Calabritto28, an Italian watch brand that offers options to mix up your time-telling style, believes in eclectic looks and vibrant personalities. Watch faces and straps are sold separately, providing fashion freedom for all. The vision of this up-and-coming brand is that our style […]

The Style and Jewels of Rosita Gioielli d’Amare

Deep-colored jewels, ornate shapes and grand pendants make up the collection of Rosita Gioielli d’Amare. The designers of this Italian jewelry brand, Rosita Petrosino and Sergio Giusti, fearlessly use a wide range of materials to create the stunning designs. From Japanese pearls to natural stones, the two designers have no limit to their creativity and […]

Dolce & Gabbana Throw a Pyjama Party in NYC

On Tuesday, March 15th, everyone’s favorite Italian luxury brand, Dolce & Gabbana, threw a “pyjama party” in NYC that is giving us some serious slumber party envy. Supermodels, celebrities, and beauty editors alike arrived in style to show off their chicest sleepwear ensemble, in celebration of spring’s most comfortable trend: pajamawear. The party took place […]

New York’s Best Jewelry Designers Meet to Showcase in Soho

On Friday, March 11th, the best jewelry designers that NYC has to offer came together in a pop-up shop to showcase their latest collections, and offer to the public the opportunity to learn about what’s trending in the world of jewelry and accessories. The event, organized by the designers themselves, took place in a cozy […]

Beauty Muse: JLo’s Top 5 Head-To-Toe Style Moments

There is no greater story of evolution than that of Jennifer Lopez. This Bronx-born Latina from very humble beginnings grew up to be a dancer, then singer, then actress, and eventually a designer, producer, and author… and the list goes on. A true performer at heart, she got her big break as a back-up dancer […]

Spring Has Sprung and it’s Time For Tulle

Bring out your inner ballerina with the perfect tulle skirt! Although this item is often thought to be a strong statement piece, a tulle skirt can also be one of the most versatile pieces in a woman’s closet. The wide shape, tapered at the waist and flared below the knee, is flattering for all body types and […]

Caramanna Jewelry: Mediterranean Inspiration, Neapolitan Beauty

Stefania Caramanna, the voice behind Caramanna Jewelry, knows a thing or two about creating jewelry that’s more than just pearls and stones attached to metal. A background in architecture and design, as well as a family history of jewelry making, lends to Stefania’s creative genius. Subjects that create intrigue take decorative form around gold, silver […]

Miki Gold Jewelry: Handcrafted Masterpieces Made in Italy

Miki Gold sounds like the name of some fabulous pop or rap star but, really, the cool moniker stands for luxurious jewelry, handcrafted in Naples, Italy, using the ancient Tuboga technique.     Each Miki Gold piece is a small masterpiece, a work of art that starts as a sketch from the hands of talented […]

Lacy Jewels by Nainco Nature in Copper

What do you think of when you picture lace? Perhaps a cocktail or wedding dress comes to mind, or maybe a kind of fabric to be found in your home, such as curtains. But, have you ever imagined that you can wear lace as jewelry? The Italian brand Nainco, has the right formula to make beautiful jewelry from […]