High-Waisted Bikini’s: Classic yet Trendy for Cancerian’s

A woman born under the Cancer sign is the ideal woman. Tender and sweet, enchanting, she is an idealist and an intuitive person, so she doesn’t think- she acts. She is maternal and may look fragile, but is truly strong and generous; she is the girly-girl and ruled by the Moon. Glamorous hair and perfect makeup […]

Made in Italy plays with trends

Athletes and personal trainers have always told us that succeeding in sports requires hardwork and sweat but we don’t have to lose our sense of style to win the game. You may find yourself in the gym or on your morning run feeling envious of those people around you who seem to have the perfect […]

From beach seat to street chic

Imagine a modern Jackie O., practical, fashionable, classy, ready to experiment with new fabrics and ideas, this is the woman who wears Brandina. From a day at the beach to a Bellini at sunset in the famous “piazzetta” on the island of Capri, Brandina becomes your “passe partout” for the summer season. Brandinas bags are inspired by the [...]