8 Beauty Hacks All Women Need To Try Before An Important Event

Let’s face it: looks matter. Looking our best translates into feeling our best, and helps ensure us the best possible first impression when we go on a date, an interview, etc. There’s something about our put-together look after we take the time to get ready that gives us an extraordinary boost of confidence. Here are 8 […]

The 90’s Lip Trend, Two Ways

No matter where you’re getting your beauty inspiration from, the 90’s lip is no doubt a trend you’ve come across a lot. With Kylie Jenner’s enviable pout (even if it’s artificially enhanced) all over Instagram, it’s hard not to covet the look for yourself. Depending on your comfort level with taking beauty risks, there are […]

Brand Spotlight: Peach and Lily Brings Korean Skincare Stateside

Nothing has been a bigger skincare trend in 2015 than products with a heavy Korean influence. The onslaught of Korean beauty really began about five years ago when BB Creams took the beauty world by storm and started everyone asking, “What makes Korean skincare so great?” Peach and Lily is the brain child of Harvard […]

A Primer on Cold Weather Skin

Whether you’re a minimalist who has her skin routine down to a science, or a product zealot always on the lookout for fun, new things to try, we can all agree: Cold weather requires a slightly different regimen for your face. Dry heater air, chilly weather and wind irritate the skin and take their toll […]

Best Braided Looks

Braids are a classic and versatile hairstyle that can be elegant, youthful, sophisticated, or effortless.  Braided looks have always been especially popular during Fall Fashion Week, with models sporting messy braids and bold, dark lips: the perfect fall duo.  Here are our favorite braided looks, with a few tips on how to rock them. Photo Credit: Cute […]

Hello, Good-looking! The Fall Beauty Makeover is Here!

The summer months take their toll. Our hair is dry from frolicking at the beach. Our skin has seen too many days in the sun. Our body and soul want to slow down and be nurtured. Time to amp up your fall beauty game and completely renew yourself for the awesome autumn season. Here’s your […]

Homemade Chestnut Purifying Facial Mask

The chestnut is a very unique fruit. It blooms when the cold starts in the fall, filling the air with its sweet smell and rich brown color. As with every fruit, chestnuts can be used as a natural remedy, and they are easy to incorporate into recipes or beauty regimens at home. Here are some […]

cure della pelle dopo il sole, creme naturali

Natural Remedies to Heal Your Skin After the Sun

A tan is a summer must-have, but equally as important is taking care of your skin during a summer full of sun exposure. Protecting your skin before and after your time in the sun is important to keep skin looking healthy and beautiful. Which parts of our body need the most attention? What kind of skin […]

The Island of Eternal Youth: Ischia, a Corner of Heaven

Ischia is one of the most gorgeous Italian islands, with amazing and unforgettable landscapes that are the picture-perfect way to spend a vacation. Hidden inside the island is a special treasure… a volcanic crater. Photo Credit: Ischia/Campania  Indeed, “L’isola Verde” (or “The Green Island,” a nickname for Ischia) is actually the tip of a volcano. Ever […]

Maintain Your Power Brow Through the Summer

Brows are the new lips! Because a good brow changes everything. It frames the face and will make you look put together even with just a very light summer make-up. Some say eyebrows shape the whole visage. Others go as far as to state that they can create the effect of a whole face lift! […]