A Springtime Skincare Regimen For Fresh Skin

Spring: The season for rebirth and discovery. Flowers begin to bloom under the first warm rays of the sun, and our skin experiences a renewal, as well. During the winter we put extra care into protecting our skin from the cold, nourishing and moisturizing it daily. Now, all of our hard work pays off as […]

The Best Lip Remedies to Protect Against Winter Dryness

Now is the time of the year when you want to spend the whole day at home, under the covers with your favorite heating pad, drinking a hot chocolate. Unfortunately, January is the month of cold, snow and frost. And your body doesn’t seem to like it, especially your lips. You wake up each morning […]

Beauty Trends to Look Forward to in 2016

With the beginning of any new year comes a long list of TV shows, magazine articles and yes – blog posts, anticipating all of the things we have to look forward to in the impending 365 days. Not the least of which is the best of beauty to come in the new year. 2015 was […]

Three Ways to Do Glitter for New Year’s Eve

A good New Year celebration can be had in many different ways. Whether you’re headed out to a hot New Year’s Eve party or hosting a few friends for a quiet night in, ringing in the new year is always a good excuse for glitter. So what are the best ways to add a little […]

Holiday Hair Inspiration

Celeb Holiday Hair Inspiration: Up-dos and Hair Jewels

Now that the holiday season has arrived, many of us have plenty of family and friends filling up our must-visit list. Not to mention the office parties and random get togethers that are slowly but surely populating our calendars. Many of us have already answered the age-old What will I wear question. But what about your hair? […]

Threading: The Must-Try Trend for Perfect Eyebrows

Are you as obsessed with eyebrows as we are? In an effort to achieve perfection (symmetry, fullness, shape), we have tweezed them to death, filled them in with a gazillion products, gelled them into place, waxed them, dyed them and, of course – ever on-trend – had them threaded.   Photo Credit: The Threading Spa […]

Body Works: Stay Soft and Smooth this Winter

After months and months of recommendations for keeping your facial skincare up to snuff for the cold weather, it’s easy to forget the rest of your skin in the process. With two simple steps you can spare yourself the pain of flaky legs and rough elbows. The first step to smoothing things over is a […]

The New Beauty Product from London: Spray Nail Polish

Everybody is talking about the latest nail product on the market. Its name can be found on beauty websites, fashion magazines and in the middle of conversations between your girlfriends. It has been said that it’s a revolution in the world beauty and make up! Allow yourself to be introduced to the new product from England’s Nail Inc. […]

Beauty Boss Skincare Made by US Skincare Brands

Looking for a new beauty Boss to shakeup your skin care routine? Look no further. There are a few US made skincare brands that you should know about, and they are worth adding to your makeup caddy.   InstaNatural – Moroccan Rose Water Ultimate Facial Toner InstaNatural’s Moroccan Rose Water, a beautiful way to enhance […]