Holi: The Festival of Colors

As the world becomes more intertwined, we have the tremendous opportunity to take part in celebrations that aren’t originally our own. Europeans didn’t traditionally celebrate Halloween; now they dress up as ghosts and witches every October 31st. The Chinese New Year Festival is hosted by many countries around the world. Mexicans and Mallorcans do yoga […]

Tips on Becoming the Best #Girlboss You Can Be

Whether you’re still on your climb up into the ivory tower of #bosslady status or have already arrived with your team of minions behind you, the rules are pretty much the same. Being the head honcho, it would be sooo tempting to literally boss people around, like toss your coat at your assistants in a […]

Cosabella Erin Fetherston bridal lingerie

Cosabella Lingerie: Beautiful Things

Too often we reserve sexy lingerie for special occasions like hot date nights or holidays like Valentine’s Day. But we think every girl deserves to wear “beautiful things” (cosa bella means beautiful thing in Italian) every single day. Lingerie is the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take […]

Trending: Finger Tattoos!

Tattoos have become so ubiquitous, the best way to stand apart is to not have any. We have always loved ink and are totally fascinated by the recent trend of finger tattoos popping up on hands all over the place. There are two types. The delicate, dainty and henna-like ornate patterns on girls’ hands, and the […]

Meet Mr. Kate: A Brand You Need to Know!

We first discovered Mr. Kate in the early summer of 2014, when temporary tattoos were starting to trend hugely, but were still super hard to find. Thanks to Instagram, that colorful playbook for early adopters, we happened upon this SoCal company and the most quality, long-lasting, non-peeling beauty marks we ever tried. Fast forward to […]

Threading: The Must-Try Trend for Perfect Eyebrows

Are you as obsessed with eyebrows as we are? In an effort to achieve perfection (symmetry, fullness, shape), we have tweezed them to death, filled them in with a gazillion products, gelled them into place, waxed them, dyed them and, of course – ever on-trend – had them threaded.   Photo Credit: The Threading Spa […]

Visit Santa’s (Not So) Secret Village in Finland!

Pssst. We found him. Santa himself. He lives in the Lappish wilderness of Finland at the Arctic Circle in a gorgeous village. Best of all, he has an amusement park boasting reindeer sleigh rides, gold panning (Lapland’s soil is enriched with gold), underground caves, an elf toy factory, and other rather eclectic holiday adventures. It […]