The Italian Aperitivo: Happy Hour in the Piazza

In the summer season, thanks to the mild weather and the long and comfortable days, all the city squares from the North to the South become meeting points for the experience of the italian aperitivo! Aperitivo is a consolidated Italian tradition, literally it is a sort of pre-meal drink but it’s also a special ritual of going out for […]

Made in Italy plays with trends

Athletes and personal trainers have always told us that succeeding in sports requires hardwork and sweat but we don’t have to lose our sense of style to win the game. You may find yourself in the gym or on your morning run feeling envious of those people around you who seem to have the perfect […]

5 Signs that you’re dating a true Italian mama’s boy

Unfortunately, I have concluded that every Italian man is a mama’s boy. Yes! There are, however, levels of pathology of Mama’s Boy Syndrome ranging from the mildly annoying to the absolutely unbearable. In between these extremes are the majority of men that you have met and will meet in the course of your love life. Through [...]