How Herbal Infusions Can Improve Your Life

Many times we forget that the best remedies for our bodies are the ones that nature has to offer, able to relieve many small ailments that plague our daily lives. One of the most effective, fast and economical solutions is herbal teas. These infusions able to help and solve some psychological problems such as stress and […]

Classic and Modern: The Camel Coat

A camel coat is a definite “must-have”, and not just for this winter season. This coat is ever-so-simple, linear and elegant at the same time. Some argue that this trend began with Max Mara in the 1980s, though now the most famous American and Made In Italy brands have filled in their collections with their own […]

The Excellence of Cashmere, from Asia to Italy

We all appreciate a good cashmere, especially during the winter, but do we know where our favorite fabric comes from? Cashmere is a fine wool taken from the Hircus blythi, a goat from Kashmir, the region of Central Asia that covers the northern part of the Indian subcontinent between the territories of India, Pakistan and China. […]

5 Ways to Try the Tights Trend

Some time ago, tights were not considered appropriate for formal wear. It didn’t matter the weather, the chic thing to do was “tough it out” regardless if you lived in London or L.A. Fashion progresses, as we all know, and this season you can find any kind of fashionable tights for every taste and style. […]

The Best Shoes to Get Your Fix of Glitter Mania

Often when it comes to glitter, it can be a little nerve-wracking to wear a trend so eccentric that it certainly will not pass unnoticed. So, what can we do when we are in the midst of a fashion glitter mania outbreak? The secret is not to be blinded by glitter and sparkles, but we […]

Christmas in Italy vs. the U.S.: How are they different?

How Christmas is celebrated in Italy and how it’s celebrated in America are very similar, and this is due to the influence that North America has received by the nations of the old continent: England, France, The Netherlands and indeed, Italy. Christmas is a Christian event, and both Italy and the U.S. celebrate the birth of […]