Save My Bag: Chic Protection For Chic Accessories

Some of the best accessories are designed to protect our more fragile accessories. A trip down memory lane would lead us to a time when high-quality objects would be protected by equally grand but practical cases. Today, most people depend on unique, fashionable ways to safeguard their belongings. Strangely, at times you’ll see expensive, fragile […]

How to Pack Your Suitcase the Right Way

The way you pack for a trip says a lot about your personality (and even more about your organizing sills). How many times have we found ourselves either with a bulging suitcase or one that’s missing the essentials? I’m placing my bets on countless times! Here are a few tips on how to pack for your […]

Chic Sunglasses Of Mazuum Eyewear

Collecting sunglasses is a guilty pleasure many of us share. This accessory has become an essential for any occasion; there’s the fashionable and sporty pairs, the unmistakably classic ones and the standout mirrored shades. Sunglasses are perfect on the road or in the city, used to seduce or surprise or to keep the mystery alive. […]

Cavallini: For Stationery Lovers Everywhere

Are you still just as drawn to stationery and pens as you were before the digital age? Still love keeping a diary close by and keeping track of your schedule on a calendar hung on your wall?     Research has proven that writing lists by hand, marking dates on real calendars and keeping a […]

Jumpsuits: Styles We Love

In recent years, jumpsuits have been gaining popularity in the fashion world, making their place on the red carpet alongside stunning dresses, and even replacing the traditional wedding dress. Jumpsuits are not only perfect for formal occasions, but also the perfect option for everyday wear. They turn boring outfits into standout ones that are both polished […]

Prints on Prints: 3 Perfect Looks

Lately, we’ve been spotting increasingly more prints. From plaid to polka dots, the new trend is to fearlessly mix patterns from head to toe. The prints-on-prints trend is a game appreciated by all designers, distinguishing the true fashion enthusiasts from the ones who look like laundry day got the best of them. If the trend isn’t executed […]

Button-Up Skirts: Bringing Back the ’70s

Trends come and go, but they always find their way back again. Recently, the style of the ‘70s has taken over the closets of every fashion victim, particularly the button-up skirt.   Photo Credit: Masscob   It all began several seasons ago when Chloé introduced the trend, followed by Alexa Chung’s clothing line. Gradually, button-up […]

Trade in your skinny jeans for flared pants

Since earlier this decade, the watchword for pants has been slim, a concept that has taken us into the trend of jeggings, a jeans-and-leggings combo. Though we’re not yet ready to say farewell to body-hugging pants, flared pants have been popping up lately, getting more success by the season.   Photo Credit: Mikuta   Thanks […]