This Fall the 1970s Takes Over Your Closet

While the 1970s were arguably a dramatic period, full of a great many historic events (gas shortages, Watergate, The Iran Hostage Crisis, to name a few), it’s hard not to get on board with all the fabulous and fashionable personalities of the era. This fall, every retailer from high end to NYC’s High Street is taking […]

The 90’s Lip Trend, Two Ways

No matter where you’re getting your beauty inspiration from, the 90’s lip is no doubt a trend you’ve come across a lot. With Kylie Jenner’s enviable pout (even if it’s artificially enhanced) all over Instagram, it’s hard not to covet the look for yourself. Depending on your comfort level with taking beauty risks, there are […]

Brand Spotlight: Peach and Lily Brings Korean Skincare Stateside

Nothing has been a bigger skincare trend in 2015 than products with a heavy Korean influence. The onslaught of Korean beauty really began about five years ago when BB Creams took the beauty world by storm and started everyone asking, “What makes Korean skincare so great?” Peach and Lily is the brain child of Harvard […]