Nautical Style for the Fall

Nautical style or sailor chic is one of those classic trends that is always in style and is versatile for all ages and either gender. The blueprint for this style is perfectly simplistic, mixing a combination of (usually) navy and white pieces with pops of color, certain patterns such as stripes or anchors, with loose and airy […]

November is Vegan Month- Try it Out with These Easy Recipes

Veganism – let’s get right down to it. Veganism is both the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals for eating, wearing or using in any way. For me, not too long ago the concept of following such a strict […]

Top 5 Bloggers of 2015 You Must Be Following

Move over magazines, the bloggers have officially taken over. The blogging world is nothing new to the fashion industry, for the past couple of years now companies and brands have been using personal and lifestyle bloggers for brand leverage. However, in recent years bloggers are even starting to become household names. As newer social media platforms […]

Halloween in Italy vs. America

Fall is in full swing: the air is getting crisper, days become shorter, nights become longer, and we are getting ready for hibernation by putting on our fuzzy socks and downloading all of our favorite Halloween themed movies. Well, we in the US, that is. Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in America meriting […]

Kanye West- Love him? Or Hate him?

In truth, Kanye West, love him or hate him, is someone who inevitably comes up in conversation these days. Whether you’ve heard his name today, this past week, or just floating around from time to time, his presence is unavoidable and arguably obnoxious. However, despite his personality, it is critical that we examine this man that […]

Fall First Date Ideas to Try This Season

Fall. Just the word rushes a million adjectives to one’s head: Crisp, fresh, colorful, and so many more. The air becomes cooler, nature changes, and the bugs go away, providing a perfect, picturesque and charming setting to try something new for a first date. Below are some refreshing and fun ideas for an outing this […]

Savory Sweets Influenced By The Best Desserts

One of the hottest trends in the food community right now is savory desserts. Chefs all around the world are infusing salty, spicy, and tangy flavors into their recipes for a very advanced taste. It is known that spice intensifies flavor and salt diversifies it. And who doesn’t love bold tasting combinations that make you question whether […]

How To Take White Sneaker Trend Into Summer 2015

Have no fear, the white sneaker trend is still here! Snow white tennis shoes were a trend that peaked on runways and retail stores all over the world in 2014, but we’re already more than halfway through 2015 and it seems they won’t be disappearing anytime soon. As any fashionista would know, the fashion pendulum […]

Best Rooftop Bars in Major Cities

Summer days automatically mean moving outside for wining and dining. There are endless opportunities to socialize outdoors when warmer weather is upon us. From drinking around a campfire to a waterfront view for dinner, nothing beats the perfect rooftop place. Urban rooftops are in a league of their own. Check out some of the hottest […]