Choose Verona to Spend a Day of Traveling

If you have a whole day or a weekend off, a limited budget and you love traveling, Veneto is the right choice. Better yet, choose Verona, a city known from Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet. A lesser known fact about Verona is that it’s a site of UNESCO world heritage, thanks to its architecture and […]

Erbario Toscano: Sweet and Spicy Fragrance Made in Italy

A new line of beauty products has arrived, focused on the most powerful and spicy essence: black pepper. The idea comes from Erbario Toscano, an Italian body care and fragrance company that creates their natural products with the herbs of Tuscany, now famous all over the world due to its high-quality products. The Black pepper heart perfume is their hottest […]

Sensoria, Your Virtual Coach

An innovative idea, dreamed up in Italy and born in the United States, has given to the people a new and revolutionary wearable technology that can change the sport of running. New technology from Sensoria Fitness can not only help to make long distance running more interesting, it can help to yield better results. Photo Credit: Sensoria Fitness […]

Couture-Inspired Beachwear Made in Italy

For years, Italian fashion has populated shops in many countries of the world. “Made in Italy” is more than just a signature, it’s a concept and a vision that has yielded fashion masterpieces and years of acclaim. Accounting for this success is the Italian couture creations that represent everything prized in the world of fashion: Quality materials, […]

Ferragosto, the Italian Mid-August holiday

Ready for the countdown? Five days left before the mid-August holiday… it’s time to celebrate! August 15th is a crazy day in Italy. This holiday, called “Ferragosto”, comes from the Romans, when the Emperor Augustus made the decision to celebrate the end of the harvest and the beginning of a period of rest for the […]

A Fantasy to Wear: Botteguccia, the Italian Brand

Imagine you are alone in a dimly lit room. You slowly approach a table where you see before you, glowing in the dim light, an array of exquisite gems and stones, laid out like a tapestry. This is the vision of Botteguccia Accessories. This Italian brand gives you a fantasy to wear. Women today need to […]

The Island of Eternal Youth: Ischia, a Corner of Heaven

Ischia is one of the most gorgeous Italian islands, with amazing and unforgettable landscapes that are the picture-perfect way to spend a vacation. Hidden inside the island is a special treasure… a volcanic crater. Photo Credit: Ischia/Campania  Indeed, “L’isola Verde” (or “The Green Island,” a nickname for Ischia) is actually the tip of a volcano. Ever […]

Pappa al pomodoro: A Recipe Made in Italy

Pappa al Pomodoro is originally a peasant dish, typically Tuscan, and more precisely from Siena. It’s prepared with Tuscan bread, tomatoes, garlic, basil and plenty of extra virgin olive oil. It was originally intended to not let stale bread go to waste. Excellent in winter as a hot soup, Pappa al Pomodoro is equally as tasty during […]

An Italian Legend arrives in New York: Pirlo to win Major League

“Thank you master.” These are the words with which, after four consecutive years of success, “La Grande Signora”(meaning “The Old Lady,” the Italian nickname for the Juventus team) greeted one of the greatest champions of Italian football- Andrea Pirlo. The star player leaves behind his beloved Juventus FC to start a new life in the Big Apple in New […]