Not-So-Romantic Valentine’s Day Disasters

For some, February 14th will be filled with champagne and roses signed with “I love you”, while others will spend the night snuggled up to their very own personal box of chocolates and a Kate Hudson film. Due to the influx of pink and specials on chocolate in your local CVS, it’s easy to chalk Valentine’s […]

Get Your Favorite Snacks Ready for Superbowl 2016!

Once playoff season kicks off, the countdown to the Super Bowl begins. Time to pick your team, RSVP to your party of choice, and decide what snacks you are going to bring to the table. Maybe you are a football fan, maybe you aren’t, but everyone loves a party with some killer chips and dip. […]

Stir Up Some Creativity In The Kitchen this Thanksgiving

Another Halloween has come and gone, and as always, the holidays follow right behind. Though the coffee shops, commercials and brand advertisements are moving their focus to capturing Christmas in a cup and holiday jingles, we can’t forget the holiday hiding in the festive madness that brings us together- Thanksgiving! While Thanksgiving is the best time […]

Dating Apps: Putting our Hearts In the Hands of Virtual Matchmakers

It’s 2015 and we look at our phones more than each other. As people say, “there’s an app for everything”, so it’s only logical that we could find our next boyfriend, casual hook up, or new person to friend zone inside our iPhones. Dating sites aren’t new. From to OK Cupid, these sites have […]