Borrowed From The Boys

Borrowed from the Boys

Women have the best of the best when in comes to styling choices. We have transformative jewelry, shoes and bags; pieces that can take a look from “blah” to “O-M-G.” Every imaginable cut of dress available. Skirts that can simultaneously differ and build on each other; a-line, maxi, midi, mini, full and pleated. Not to mention all […]

Weekend Getaway Bags

Whether you’re a fashionista or a world traveler, weekend trips take a different level of preparation than a lengthy getaway. For weekend trips, it’s all about the bag. You want to choose the perfect size, keeping in mind that the average rolling luggage is far too much. Below are a few of our favorite weekend […]

Ring in the New Year in Style!

Take a look at the calendar, December is nearly over and it’s been a great year! As we look forward and jot down our resolutions and goals for the upcoming year, make sure that you start it off right: in style! Regardless if you’re traveling to a destination part or enjoying a local get together, it’s the […]

Holiday Hair Inspiration

Celeb Holiday Hair Inspiration: Up-dos and Hair Jewels

Now that the holiday season has arrived, many of us have plenty of family and friends filling up our must-visit list. Not to mention the office parties and random get togethers that are slowly but surely populating our calendars. Many of us have already answered the age-old What will I wear question. But what about your hair? […]

Ugly Christmas Sweater Looks That We Secretly Want to Try

Let’s talk about that thing we all hate to love, the Christmas sweater. Many of us perhaps even have one of those classic family portraits in bosom-buddy matching sweaters… You know the one! The one that makes you cringe when you think of it. You and your siblings look fairly sad and slightly irritated, yet […]

DIY Gifts to WOW this Holiday Season!

With the holiday’s right around the corner, you know what that means. Time to open up your wallet and find the perfect gift for your loved ones! If hitting the malls with a long must-get gift list is not your thing. Head on over to your local crafts store and get busy at home, making gifts […]

Ringly: Jewelry Meets Technology

Have you ever walked into your favorite restaurant and noticed every patron, whether alone or with loved ones, on their phone? It doesn’t end at restaurants, any place or outing meant to be enjoyed with others is simultaneously a social networking event as well. Well, what happens when jewelry meets technology? The answer is Ringly!  Ringly […]

Guide to Shopping Black Friday Deals Online!

On your mark. Get set. SHOP! It’s that time again: Retailers nationwide have become slashing prices and offering consumers their best deals. From BOGO deals to cheap electronics, the day after Thanksgiving is the best time stock up on your needs and must-haves.   For my fashion lovers who dread the idea of pulling yourself […]

Complete Your Thanksgiving Look

Show up and Show Out: Statement Piece To Complete Your Thanksgiving Look

Rustic garlic mashed potatoes, buttery dinner rolls, drool worthy stuffing and your aunt’s famous sweet potato pie. Bet your mouth watered just now! Family gatherings over Thanksgiving classics are something to look forward to year after year. But what will you wear? Will you be predictably basic like the guys in your family arguing over […]

5 DIY costumes for each era!

5 DIY costumes for each era!

It’s that time of year where children dress up as their favorite characters, pre-teens are totally against “family” costume collabs, and college girls have an excuse to be shamelessly provocative: Halloween is upon us! But what does that mean for fashionistas? Unless you’re Kimye or Heidi Klum, you surely don’t have a team dedicated to your transformation […]