In Commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr.

On Monday January 18th, just like every third Monday in January since the year 1983, the United States will celebrate the great activist and politician, Martin Luther King Jr., whose struggle for the recognition of civil rights had a profound historical impact. His commitment to the fight against violence and exclusion throughout the 50s and […]

Celebrating Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday

He is the Voice of excellence, one of the most influential singers and entertainers of the last century, both in the US and worldwide. Do you know who we’re talking about? Here’s another clue: he’s the voice behind the iconic song praising New York City, and another asking to be flown to the moon. Of course we talking about […]

The New Beauty Product from London: Spray Nail Polish

Everybody is talking about the latest nail product on the market. Its name can be found on beauty websites, fashion magazines and in the middle of conversations between your girlfriends. It has been said that it’s a revolution in the world beauty and make up! Allow yourself to be introduced to the new product from England’s Nail Inc. […]