8 Beauty Hacks All Women Need To Try Before An Important Event

Let’s face it: looks matter. Looking our best translates into feeling our best, and helps ensure us the best possible first impression when we go on a date, an interview, etc. There’s something about our put-together look after we take the time to get ready that gives us an extraordinary boost of confidence. Here are 8 […]

7 Beautiful Lakeside Resorts Around The World

There’s something extra special about staying at a lakeside resort. If you’ve never stayed at a lakeside resort, we highly recommend it for your next vacation. The sound of the lake offers a sought-after serenity and the peaceful vibe is perfect for stressed out travelers. The beauty of some of these lakes is straight out of […]

7 Ways To Get Beautiful Skin Without Makeup

We’re starting to feel those summer vibes, planning summer vacations and snapping a ton of photos along the way, and we all want to have radiant, dewy skin to show off this summer. Beautiful skin that glows is achievable – even without makeup. That’s music to your ears, because it’s tough to keep makeup from sweating off your […]