The Style and Jewels of Rosita Gioielli d’Amare

Deep-colored jewels, ornate shapes and grand pendants make up the collection of Rosita Gioielli d’Amare. The designers of this Italian jewelry brand, Rosita Petrosino and Sergio Giusti, fearlessly use a wide range of materials to create the stunning designs. From Japanese pearls to natural stones, the two designers have no limit to their creativity and […]

Miki Gold Jewelry: Handcrafted Masterpieces Made in Italy

Miki Gold sounds like the name of some fabulous pop or rap star but, really, the cool moniker stands for luxurious jewelry, handcrafted in Naples, Italy, using the ancient Tuboga technique.     Each Miki Gold piece is a small masterpiece, a work of art that starts as a sketch from the hands of talented […]

Lacy Jewels by Nainco Nature in Copper

What do you think of when you picture lace? Perhaps a cocktail or wedding dress comes to mind, or maybe a kind of fabric to be found in your home, such as curtains. But, have you ever imagined that you can wear lace as jewelry? The Italian brand Nainco, has the right formula to make beautiful jewelry from […]

Icone Couture: Elegance and Style From a New Italian Brand

The refinement of the Italian style has no exceptions. Year after year, the fashion born under the Made in Italy name delights us with its sophisticated and forward-thinking designs, always setting new trends for the year ahead by producing classic, well-made, stylish garments. An up and coming brand that lives up to this reputation is Icone […]