Last Thursday we had the pleasure of meeting Thomas Uhl an experienced french naturopath who specializes in fasting, detox and mono diets.The event was hosted at the Monaco Yatch Club with the enchanting view on the Port of Monte-Carlo.

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View of the Yacht Club the Monaco on a sunny day


The dinner started with an “entrée” of 3 colorful fresh juices served with sunflowers crackers and purple hummus (the purple color comes from the beets). The menu was very unique, the dishes had all different stories to tell and  Mr. Uhl was explaining to us the meaning of each of them. 


Juice Tasting

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Deck 3 Yacht Club de Monaco


Just to mention one of them is the  “salade 5 elements”,  a delicious salad made by using 5 simple ingredients, each of them representing respectively an element of the nature.  The dinner was  tasteful and fulfilling and each dish was well prepared with healthy food combinations and colorful veggies.

Before saying good bye, Thomas Uhl gave us a precious gift, his new book “Et si je mettais mes intestins au repos?“, a guide to restoring your intestines from the “infernal trio”, three negative factors that contribute to the fouling of our intestines.

According to the naturopath, processed food, stress and sedentary  lifestyle are the three main causes of intestine diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. To contrast these bad habits, Thomas Uhl illustrates the three keys of vitality ” les 3 clés de la vitalité”, three alternative cures for an healthier body:

  • Vegetable detox;
  •  Mono diet (an elimination diet based on ingesting only one fruit or one vegetable);
  • Fasting.

If you would like to know more about Thomas Uhl and his detox theory, you can visit his website

At the moment the website is offered in French language only but if you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact us and someone from our team will be happy to help you.



Salade 5 elements


Médaillons de Céleri Rave


Tarte  Citron vert et sorbet

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