Some of the best accessories are designed to protect our more fragile accessories. A trip down memory lane would lead us to a time when high-quality objects would be protected by equally grand but practical cases. Today, most people depend on unique, fashionable ways to safeguard their belongings.

Strangely, at times you’ll see expensive, fragile possessions used without any housing at all. Using casing and protection, however, keeps our things long-lasting and in good condition.


Photo Credit: Save My Bag


It’s our mothers and grandmothers who take special care of their belongings, from organizing to cleaning to using it carefully and for its intended purpose. But, among the frenzy of keeping track of all we have, what becomes mistreated? The handbag!

Alas, there is a solution! Save My Bag introduces a way to hold on longer to every woman’s signature accessory. You choose a cover that has the silhouette of many classic handbags, which will house any bag or pouch you’d like to protect.




The designs of Save My Bag have successfully offered trendy accessories that are made in Italy and come in many colors. As a cover handbags and clutches, the brand carries a pleasant and gritty style, suited to the chaos of everyday life and with a touch of colorful humor.

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