The more I travel, the more I learn the stories of the women who write to me. And the more I talk to people all over the world, the more I realize that Italian males are truly one of a kind. As with all men, the chase is part of the game; it rings even more true with the men of the fair country. But while they live for commanding and leading these games, us ladies carry the responsibility to let them believe they’re the ones in charge. Most men these days prefer women to take the initiative: call first, propose dates or choose the next vacation spot. Italian men, on the contrary, prefer to be the decision-makers.

If an Italian guy invites you out, let him pick the location of the date. The key is to make him feel appreciated, not to turn your nose up at his suggestions. After all, if a relationship develops, he’ll eventually find out you’re not a fan of Vietnamese food or horror films. There’s simply no need to look in horror at all that surrounds you. In fact, an Italian man must always feel he’s the one in control of the situation. He wants to know he can make his woman happy, so don’t do anything that diminishes him or his ego.


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For example, if you’re out to dinner with an Italian guy, match your order to his. If he goes for a three-course meal, do the same. If your date is eager to share a few appetizers, however, join in; he’ll never know if you clean out your entire pantry once you get back home. When the bill arrives, offer to pay, then thank your date for not having allowed you to do it. Italians, particularly those form the South, are against women paying for their share of dinner, so don’t insist on covering yourself and avoid sharing your thoughts on gender equality. My final tip for dinner with an Italian guy is to never be the one who orders the wine. Even if you are the finest sommelier, letting the guy choose takes away his chance to make an impression on you.


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To win an Italian man over, you must make him believe that he’s in command, then play the cunning role to get what you want through reverse psychology. How should you do this? I’ll be sharing my tips next week in another column dedicated to love!

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