Every season, some trends live on, while others come to an end. Parting with trends and once-adored outfits can be a sad moment, but fashion is cyclical and, in the blink of an eye, old trends become new again. 2016 has been a year of great changes in the fashion world; new takes on old perspectives have been presented, and some of the pillars we’ve worn for years will be soon replaced with even better ones.

We’re sharing three trends we’re ready to say goodbye to, and three we can’t wait to rock this season. Read on and get ready to shake things up in your closet!


Platform Shoes


Photo Credit: Pinimg


A trend that went in and out of style over the past few years, platform shoes have made their way back. From Hollywood celebrities to runway models to the streets of New York, the “sandals with an edge” have been sported by all. This year, though, platform shoes are being replaced by booties like the ones below. Similar to the pair by Midas, this season’s booties are inspired by summer vibes.


Photo Credit: Midas


Sheer Dresses


Swarovski crystals and stitching have graced the red carpet time and time again thanks to the trend of sheer dresses. This year, though, the trend is going out in favor of more austere, elegant cuts. Similar to the dress by Imperial below, styles are more reminiscent of the Victorian period.


Photo Credit: Imperial




Photo Credit: Enchantingland


The overalls trend took off throughout most of 2015, but this trend is also coming to an end. Taking its place are jumpsuits for an easy, tailored look. One of our favorites is the below sophisticated piece by Icone.


Photo Credit: Icone

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