Collecting sunglasses is a guilty pleasure many of us share. This accessory has become an essential for any occasion; there’s the fashionable and sporty pairs, the unmistakably classic ones and the standout mirrored shades. Sunglasses are perfect on the road or in the city, used to seduce or surprise or to keep the mystery alive.



Those who truly love sunglasses know how to find the right pair. Iconic brands are unnecessary, while cheap imitations are avoided. Finding a balance of elegance, style, quality and price is the key to finding a pair you’ll love. Curiosity and trends play a part, while it’s up to you to navigate through emerging brands and new styles.



Among the latest sunglasses brand is Mazuum, a brand that carries a variety of styles that range from edgy to elegant. Touches of colors and tastes make up most of the pairs, from shades of green to glamorous blues. What makes Mazuum stand out is its adaptability to complement those with wonder and liveliness.


Photo Credit: Piper Nero/Grigio, Mazuum


It’s easy to picture wearing Mazuum sunglasses in different scenarios: a trip through the Italian countryside, among exotic landscapes, a day packed with errands, an afternoon of solitude or a typical Italian Sunday at the bar with friends. The Italian style, whether with sunglasses on or off, is one of versatility, creativity and interpretation in every situation.

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