This week, we’re talking about how to behave after your first night of sex with your partner. A decisive period in every relationship, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of emotion and anticipation.

I’ll start by saying that a mistake we women often make is placing ridiculously high expectations on sex. Sex is just a step in the evolution of a relationship, not the absolute culmination of your dreams of love. Just relax! Don’t look at lovemaking as a way to conquer a man. The decision to sleep with someone mustn’t have an underlying motive; it should be spontaneous, it should be furthest from strategic. There are couples out there who have learned the hard way by lacking genuine interest of bonding between the sheets. Men rely on excitement, but it must be genuine.


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On your first night together, let yourself go wild, without limit. After the fact, however, allow yourself to sleep in your respective homes. Don’t take this advice lightly, as it is a fundamental piece of essential post-sex behavior. Not having you by his side the next morning means he’ll miss you, think of you and impatiently wait for your return. No doubt, you’ll receive a call with desire on the other end to continue what began the night before. If you stay, he’ll only be looking forward to getting rid of you. Besides, wouldn’t you rather wake up with your hair a mess and face like a zombie on your own?


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If you’re feeling ready to take off your clothes, get prepared to go your separate ways once the hot moments are over.

The most important tip of all is to remain calm and relaxed. Do what you want without feeling paranoia and without thoughts of the future. Enjoy the evening, be yourself and be free, because now you know what to do after your first night together.



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