Are you still just as drawn to stationery and pens as you were before the digital age? Still love keeping a diary close by and keeping track of your schedule on a calendar hung on your wall?



Research has proven that writing lists by hand, marking dates on real calendars and keeping a personal journal, for example, is great exercise for the brain. The habit helps us store all we have to remember, meaning no more missed dates or forgotten memories!

 Photo Credit: Agende in Pelle, Cavallini


Ready to hear about Cavallini? Based in San Francisco, the stationery brand carries an Italian name and inspiration from the culture. Thanks to the founder, Brad Parberry, Cavallini has become a connecting point between the United States and Italy. 

Everything is becoming a collector’s item: botanical prints, illustrated calendars, stamps, wrapping paper, advertising posters, old covers. Cavallini uses the potential of everyday objects to create elegant collections. Notebooks, diaries and office objects are just a few of the chic, refined products of the brand.



The act of writing gives significance to leather journals, fountain pens and elegant gifts. From teens who are still at school to adults struggling to sort out their days, Cavallini perfectly combined the love of writing with rituals of organization.

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