Lately, we’ve been spotting increasingly more prints. From plaid to polka dots, the new trend is to fearlessly mix patterns from head to toe.

The prints-on-prints trend is a game appreciated by all designers, distinguishing the true fashion enthusiasts from the ones who look like laundry day got the best of them. If the trend isn’t executed properly, it can result in a chaotic, confusing mess; in other words, an utter disaster.


Photo Credit: Patternbank


The days of colorful, bizarre outfits being praised are over. We want to direct you to mix and match in terms of simple fantasies and refined, sophisticated looks. Let’s start with the union of vivid colors and black & white.


Black and White

Given that it’s hard to go wrong with two neutral colors, the combination of black and white is certainly a trump card. Go wild with playful patterns, choosing contrasting colors and never going for ones that are too similar. No need to play it safe!


Photo Credit: Pinterest


Photo Credit: Merrick’s Art


An outfit we love is from the Italian brand Tela, which matches elegance and casual style.

Photo Credit: Tela 


Clothing vs. Accessories

Another look we love involves mixing and matching clothing with accessories. The possibilities are endless, from pairing a striped jersey with an animal print bag to a bright, geometric dress with dark, delicate jewelry. 


Photo Credit: Pinterest


For this second outfit, we’ve gone with another Italian brand, Piccione Piccione, that shows the significance of combining fashion and frills with style and sensuality.


Photo Credit: PiccionePiccione



The final prints-on-prints combination goes out with a bang. One of the more difficult looks to pull off, combining multiple contrasting geometries requires attention to not only the shapes themselves, but also the colors and silhouette. As always, the colors must be balanced, while shapes need to find common elements in their qualities.


Photo Credit: Akatasia


Photo Credit: The Sartorialist



Our choice for a geometric look falls back on Tela, which manages to perfectly play with quirky shapes and colors.


Photo Credit: Tela


By sticking to the basics, you can find confidence in what looks like a fashionable fiasco from the outside. Prints on prints is a trend that can be timeless.

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