Trends come and go, but they always find their way back again. Recently, the style of the ‘70s has taken over the closets of every fashion victim, particularly the button-up skirt.


Photo Credit: Masscob


It all began several seasons ago when Chloé introduced the trend, followed by Alexa Chung’s clothing line. Gradually, button-up skirts filled all the runways.

Something about the slightly asymmetrical shape with a few buttons running through its length makes the piece irresistibly versatile. Worn with a maxi sweater and go-to white sneakers, it’s the perfect garment for a daytime outfit. For an evening look, booties and a simple black turtleneck brings elegance to the table — or the bar, or wherever you may be when the sun sets.


Photo Credit: Bellerose


Fashion designers all over the world have played with different materials for the trend. Suede strongly adopts from the ‘70s, while denim in every shade is an ode to fashionable minimalism.


Photo Credit: Subdued


From skirts that hit right below the knee to ones that bring attention to long legs, the trend isn’t limited to any particular length. Button-up skirts are universally flattering, appealing to all body types and personal styles.

Are you ready to show off this trend this season?

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