Smartphones, technology and apps have taken over our era. From friends of friends through Facebook to strangers on Tinder, more couples are meeting one another in the virtual world. They begin with an exchange of dozens of texts, emails and the occasional phone call, but sooner or later, if there’s any chance of the relationship evolving, they must face the real world. After all, who doesn’t dream of meeting a Prince Charming in the flesh rather than through selfies, filters and carefully-worded wit?


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Taking a step into reality, however, is not simple. Changing direction from the wonderful world of technology to one of vulnerability means running the risk of facing a few pitfalls. 

To make the first moment of the live encounter perfect, you have to think a few steps ahead; think before you text and never get too familiar. Don’t share everything there is to know about you — otherwise, what are you going to discuss when you meet? And, even if you’ve been chatting for months, pet names like “love” and “honey” should be avoided. Behind a phone screen, it might feel like you’ve known someone for years, but, until a virtual acquaintance turns into a relationship, getting closer can lead to greater heartbreak.


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When you’ve both decided to come face to face with one another, be wise with your first date. Dinner may be a risk you’ll regret. Maybe your love interest falls short of your expectations, or perhaps the attraction is lost and conversation is a challenge. Better to commit to a cup of joe or aperitif; if you’re yawning and the idea of watching Grey’s Anatomy seems thrilling, you can always cut the date short and run off unceremoniously.


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If the chemistry is there and things are looking just as grand as you expected, however, don’t let the time spent communicating online substitute for the time spent getting to know the person in front of you. Let him ask you out on a second date, allow time for feelings to develop and give the relationship a chance at reality. The offline world is a different story, and it’s one where you must start from scratch.

If distance is at the heart of your virtual search for love, a relationship could mean a move. Get to know one another — and the city — before changing location and, in some cases, your way of life. Remember: The secret to success in love is to always stay cold and clearheaded. Being in love is beautiful; changing your life for someone you’ve lost love for is not.

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