Working out: Is it a passion or a sacrifice? I’m not quite sure, but this time of year finds us locking ourselves in the gym, running down all-too-familiar and not-yet-discovered paths and struggling daily with exercise balls, kettlebells and other equipment, all the while cursing in any language we see fit.

Living in Miami has changed my outlook of working out. By implementing exercises that are more relaxed and less constricted, I’ve turned it into passion. I’m sharing three excellent Pilates exercises that combine breathing, muscle control and posture: Buttock Straight Leg, Bridge and Monobridge on the Tips.


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Perform the exercises slowly and without pausing, resting for two minutes after each rep.

Exercising in a seaside city means you never have to work out alone; when working out on a beach, you’re kept company by others staying active enjoy an ocean view and a steady breeze just as much as you are.


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Latin American influence is huge in Miami, from the food to traditions to the sports. With the exception of yoga and Pilates, you won’t find a gym without the beat of Zumba, a dance and aerobic program that began in Columbia in the ‘90s that incorporates salsa, merengue, samba, soca and hip-hop.




Beyond the fast-paced rhythm of Zumba is the traditional salsa, with a rhythm that’s recognizable in every room and studio in the city, esepcially in Little Havana, the historic Cuban neighborhood. There’s not a single person in Little Havana who can’t dance salsa; if you find yourself in the city, learn a few basic steps and dance along at the local restaurants, like Ball & Chain or places along Calle Ocho.

The latest fitness trend, kizomba, is a sensual dance that, believe it or not, originates from Angola, not the Caribbean or South America.

Finally, Miami hosts an annual bellydancing convention that brings dancers all over the world. There’s no doubt that the curves and grace in the form of dancing is rapidly conquering Florida and the States.


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Working out, whether a passion or sacrifice, is what you make of it. Exercising on the beach, beyond better health itself, has countless benefits. And when it gets too hot in midsummer, air-conditioned gyms and Caribbean rhythm pair up just as nicely.

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